Mio Igo hack

Dec 2, 2016

How I’ve put iGo 8 on my Mio:

Easy, download the SD Unlock from http://www.freewebs.com/xtyler91/. You put that on the SD card of your Mio and hard reboot your Mio. It will restart itself with the SD Unlock software. From there you can start anything you want, like iGo 8!

Big plus: remove the SD card and your GPS device has no trace at all from the hack!!!

Of course, iGo must be bought/downloaded somewhere else (PNA version of course, long live http://www.gpsunderground.com :). You need to find updated maps after you downloaded a complete iGo package on http://volny.cz/sstopar/mio_mapy_igo8_3.html for example.

My Mio is a C510E. Mio s*cks with their old maps when you have a Miomap device …